Mazara dam is one of the must see places in Oman around Muscat. The dam is referred by different names as Mazara dam, Wadi Dayqah dam and Quriyat dam. This is located on Muscat to Sur highway, approx. 120km from Muscat. When you drive towards Sur, after 80-90km you will find a brown sign board “Wadi Dayqat Dam”. Take a right at this point, drive another 20km and you will find the main entrance.

The total journey took around an hour. The information and sign boards are clearly available along the road to reach the dam. The roads are good and few parking is available on the top of the dam. There is no entry fee and parking fee.

The view of the dam from the top is amazing. There is a small park and a restaurant located at the top of the dam. We bought some soft drink, ice cream and biryani rice. Price is very nominal.

Since it was a holiday in Oman we could see people everywhere around park and it was too crowded. This is one of the frequent visit place for the locals and residents. We could not explore the complete area due to the crowd.