After reading lot of reviews and recommendation about Wadi Al Arbaeen we decided to visit this place.  As part our day trip, first we visited this Wadi, next Mazara dam and we ended the trip in Bimmah.

Wadi Al Arbaeen is located between Muscat to Sur highway. On the way to Sur you can see a sign board on the right hand side “Wadi Al Arbaeen”, from here it takes 17-20km to reach the Wadi. First take a right turn from the highway and go straight for 2-3 kms. Road is good and well maintained till this point. When you go further you will find two road on the opposite side (right and left). Take a left turn and continue on the road past the first right turn, then take the next right after it (after about 250m). Keep driving on this road, don’t take the right turn that comes a bit later, you will eventually see a sign that points to Wadi Al Arbaeen to the left. Take left and keep going until you reach a village.

The drive was challenging. Road was unpaved, very narrow and slippery in few areas due to the gravel. On the way you can find unique hills with varied grey and orange color rocks.

We thought of going ahead for another 4 kms but there was some water stagnant and deep pits located on the way. We traveled in Honda Accord (2WD), so we could not go further and ended our trip at this point. We had lunch near a tree shade and clicked few pics. There is no shop or restaurant located in this place, so it’s better to bring food and plenty of water. There is no restroom in the wadi.

For our surprise there was not much water in the stream found near the village. Water was very dirty and people were cleaning the cars and tires. The weather was very hot and outside temperature was close to 35 deg C. Since it was a local holiday there were lot of people and cars parked around. We could not spent our time peacefully and decided return to Mazara. It’s better to avoid visiting this place during holiday or weekends.

There is nothing so impressive till this point. It is not recommended to go without 4WD to this Wadi.