Our next stop was Bimmah Sinkhole or Hawiyat Najm Park. It is one of the most famous and must visit places in Muscat.

It is located on the way to Sur from Muscat. The total distance from Muscat is 125km and the journey will take close to one and half hour. From Muscat when you drive towards Sur after 120th km you can see a signboard of ‘Dibab’ on the right hand side. Since we started from the dam it took an hour to reach this place.

We reached the sinkhole at 4pm in evening. There are plenty of open parking space is available in front of the gate.

There is a small park (not exactly a park!!). Park has kids play area with swings and slides, but mostly rusted and broken condition. The lawn inside the park could have been maintained better.

After walking about 100-150 meters inside the park we found a big deep hole below the ground. We were so excited when we saw the deep blue water. Steep concrete steps are provided to reach the water. It is difficult for kids and aged people to climb the stairs. The water was very cold and tasted salty similar to sea water. There were few people snorkeling on deeper side along the edge of the sinkhole. Kids were playing in the shallow water.  Concrete wall is built around the sinkhole for safety.


We spectated few surprising stunts of diving from 20m high by people around. Natural free fish pedicure by little fishes in the rocky shallow water which nibble our feet.

We spent only 45 mins and returned back due to the huge crowd.


The main drawback is no proper change room available near the sinkhole; however restroom was there inside the park (not well maintained).

This is one of the finest places for swimming and snorkeling!!!