The Qurum Natural Park is the largest park in Oman. We reached here by noon. There was no adequate car parking facility for the park; it took almost half an hour to get one lucky parking space. There was no fee for entry. The park has beautiful lawn and garden with attractive flowers.


We noticed many family get-togethers and social gathering in the park. The park was crowded as it was public holiday. It has a separate play area for children with slides, swings, cable runways and sand play etc. However there was no proper maintenance carried out in the play area; especially few safety hazards like broken edges in the slides, missing ropes and broken steps in the climbing place etc should be renovated.

Free Wi-Fi is available.

The park has a lake for boating but not in operation. I assume this area of the park is ideal for walking and jogging. This seems to be one of the most picked day-out spots by localites.