Hello, welcome to our family travel blog ‘Memories from my diary’.

Life is full of memories, nothing will stay other than our memories. Memories are priceless, so here I thought of collecting my travel memories. I don’t keep a diary, I write my wonderful travel moments here.

‘Stop dreaming and start moving’!!! Yes, life is very short so don’t wait for the time,  don’t wait for the moment just keep moving and explore.

I love feedback and you know what, this is what keeping me to write more!!

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I am Arun and my spouse Bhagya; we are the authors of this blog. We are Indians and residing in Dubai. We love to travel, taste different cuisines and share our travel experience as well.  We just started traveling; our dream is to travel all around 6 continents!!!

We thought of sharing our travel experience and preserve our memories, so that we can always look back and cherish them. Though we are not great writers, bloggers or photographers, yet we like to share our travel experience with other travelers.

Most of our travels are family travel with our son ‘Thanav’ (4 years old now, 2015). We love to take him outside and encourage him to explore new places, meet new people, experience new culture, feel the weather and understand the real world rather than show them on TV, YouTube or Google.

It is always easy to travel alone or as a couple. As a single traveler we can stay anywhere, manage with any food (sometimes even without that :)) and can walk for miles or do trekking. But when it comes to family travel it involves a lot of plan, hotel booking, travel arrangements, prepare for weather condition and complete day to day schedules.

Traveling with a baby or toddler is a difficult task, if not attempted before. But it is interesting, challenging and it brings lot of fun when we travel with our kids. Initially we were reluctant to take our kid outside and we always avoid traveling far places. But now things have changed, we realized that he enjoys travel and manages himself with different food, travel and climate. We love to see him grow this way.

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Traveling together with family is more fun, it is one of the few things money can’t buy. Our sincere advice to the parents is “Give a chance to your kids to explore, don’t dump them inside the house”.

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